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Vertebrae Corset

Vertebrae Corset

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Fully Handcrafted corset.

made with Veg tanned leather.

airbrush painted.

Made to order

size M

Please allow us 2-3 weeks for production and shipping. 




for custom sizing and colors please contact on instagram via DM or email


Veg Tanned Cow Leather

Care Instructions

Clean iten with a humid cloth. Pat dry. Remember to condition your leather.

Store in a dry place.

DO NOT WASH!!! The item is molded, you may permanently distroy the piece if you wash it! In case of emergency try to dry it in a way to not lose the shape. Contact us on Instagram and ask for help as soon as possible.

In very humid areas mold can destroy your piece. If mold happens treat it right away. To end mold mix 1 part water 1 part Vinegar. Damp a cloth and clean the leather. After use a cloth just with water. Pat dry. Use a leather conditioner.

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